Corporate Wellness Specialists

Our team of Corporate Wellness specialists are passionate and skilled professionals who have a unique and in-depth understanding of wellbeing practices in the corporate world.

Every member of our team has many years of experience in teaching and facilitating various Corporate Wellbeing Programs and Classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness.

Most members of our team have also worked in corporate environments and understand the stress and pressure that your employees are under. When they deliver their Wellness Sessions, they are speaking from a place of experience.

Our main objectives as a team are to:

  • Listen and understand the culture and values of a company
  • Create a fun and educational class experience
  • Provide a memorable and personal service to our customers

All our practitioners are insured and qualified in their respective fields, and have experience working within a business environment. Keep reading to meet our fabulous team of wellness specialists.

Janette Dines is Flo’s Chief Mindfulness Officer.

Janette’s role as to help people in stressful jobs improve their performance and be happier without losing their edge.

Janette is a highly experienced lawyer and former CEO.  Janette was the CEO of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse from November 2012 until July 2014.  Prior to that, she was the Director-General of Emergency Management Australia, coordinating Australia’s response to severe floods, bushfires and national security incidents.

Janette was introduced to mindfulness and began meditating in 2006.  “My mind was like a pin ball machine.  It was hard to stay focused and one day, my mind literally froze in the middle of something important”.

At first meditating seemed like just another thing to tick off.  “Like everyone I thought I don’t have time.  I also was convinced I had more thoughts than anyone who had ever tried to meditate”.  But Janette kept it up because she started to see the benefits.  “Time didn’t seem to pass in a blur.  I began to stay more on task.  My work was faster and better and I was less bothered by the critical voice we all have in our head”.

Janette says that it was her mindfulness practice that enabled her to not just survive, but be successful in very demanding jobs.  “With mindfulness comes mastery of the self.  You can cope with whatever life throws at you because you become better at taking that magic quarter-second to assess a situation and respond wisely”.

Janette believes that becoming mindful improved her relationships with family and friends and enabled her to connect better with staff, colleagues and clients.  “I started to feel less impatient and critical of the people around me.  Relationships blossomed and I didn’t have to work so hard at collaboration”.

In 2015 Janette embarked on a major life change. She studied holistic health coaching with the New York based Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She also trained to be a mindfulness and meditation teacher.  In addition to teaching mindfulness Janette coaches up and coming as well as senior executives and is a certified Pilates teacher.

Robert Meredith – Mindfulness Mentor – Sydney

Robert has been practicing mindfulness meditation for 50 years. For over 15 years he has worked with senior teams and management all over the world assisting them create the leadership and corporate cultures that support them to achieve their vision and goals.

Robert was a foundation member of Mckinsey’s Mindsets and Capabilities initiative and has extensive experience in C Suite and Senior Team Facilitation and Coaching. He has a variety of qualifications in a various leadership and stress management courses, as well as years of experience running corporate personal development courses.Outside of work, his love of The Himalayas led him to create “Conscious Trekking”, a travel company taking like-minded people to discover ‘spirit of place’ in the mountains.

Tina Chau

Tina is a qualified Stretch Therapist , Pilates, Reformer and Yoga teacher. A fitness specialist with years of experience spanned across general fitness centres and corporate environments, and one on one personal training. With a love for all things ariel, Tina is passionate about the health and fitness industry and inspiring people to understand the benefits of movement and nutrition. Pilates is something Tina highly recommends to build a strong core and maintain good posture but most importantly, for balance and stability.  Tina ensures Pilates is a part of her regular fitness routine.


Alison’s career of 25+ years was initially in the corporate arena. She has lived and worked across Australia, Asia and in Europe in various Business Consulting roles.

Alison is a fully certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and has been teaching meditation classes for more than 10 years. She is an accredited member of the Meditation Association of Australia (ATMA) and a member of the International Meditation Teachers Association (ITMA). She is also an Energetic Medicine Practitioner (AcuEnergetics), NLP Practitioner and Professional Coach (London Coaching Academy).

Alison has a passionate interest in and understanding of wellness, preventative treatments and alternative therapies. She currently teaches Mindfulness and Stress Management techniques to corporates and at various sectors of the community including schools. She offers “Zen Warrior” Mindfulness Meditation classes for young children and teens. Alison loves to inspire and empower all her clients to become aware of their unlimited potential for living a wonderful life full of vitality and happiness. One of her primary roles is to educate her clients on how the mind, body and energy are all interrelated.

Daphne Lo

Born and raised in South Africa, Daphne grew up playing different types of sports and learning various styles of dance ranging from ballet to gymnastics, ballroom to belly dancing. Daphne loved every single one of them and thats when her fascination with the human anatomy and body movement began. Daphne took the opportunity to pursue tertiary studies abroad in Taiwan at China Medical University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy.

Daphne is also an internationally qualified Pilates instructor through BASI (Body Arts and Science International), specializing in teaching Pilates mat work as well as on equipment.

Daphne’s aim in life is to help others work towards their physical goals as well as striving to have a healthy mind-body connection. Make every breath count.

Steve Vellar

Steve teaches mindfulness in the corporate world, in private practice and within the education sector. He is currently engaged with a British based company which is conducting the largest study on ‘mindfulness and teacher wellbeing’ in Australia involving over one thousand teachers in 24 schools across NSW and Queensland.

Along with a successful acting career, Steve also has his own practice in energetic medicine, he works within the science field in research and development, and is currently producing a mindfulness training course incorporating new technologies.

Steve also brings over 20 years of experience in martial arts and meditation to his teaching and training, including accreditations for meditation under, Mind with Heart, Acuenergetics and The Ian Gawler Foundation.

He is a natural teacher who is committed to sharing the techniques and lasting benefits that these practices have to offer.


Fiona moved from the Netherlands to beautiful Sydney 10+ years ago being overweight and unhealthy. She wanted and needed to change her life for the better, which resulted in losing 28 kilo’s and gaining a happier ‘Self’.

Whilst still climbing the corporate ladder in Media and Marketing, Fiona started studying nutrition and practicing yoga and pilates and immersed in Teacher Trainings. Yoga and Pilates compliment each other beautifully.
Her classes are designed for ‘every body’ and depending on the class goals and preferred style she can offer a fun, dynamic and upbeat ‘work out’ which can be challenging & rewarding or classes which offer a strong focus on body strengthening, posture, conditioning, correcting.

These elements have been life changing to her body, career and Fiona got to a place where she is on top of the world doing what she loves, every day excited to share her 3 greatest passions; Pilates, Yoga and nutrition!

Sarah Fletcher

Sarah first experienced meditation as a senior school student .. and inspired from that first experience has continued with a daily practice for more than 30 years. Her meditation journey has led her to a wide range of meditation retreats, classes and teachers, and in 2009 she left her corporate career to establish Quiet Mind Meditation.

Sarah believes that meditation is a life skill that everyone can learn!

Sarah offers a range of group classes, corporate wellness programs, private meditation coaching and a 31 Day online meditation course. In 2015, after a year of study and eight-day meditation intensive, Sarah successfully complete training to become a McLean Meditation Institute® Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, and SEED Meditation® Instructor.

“Meditation is an ancient practice that is both an art and science. We now live in amazing times where we have access to many ancient and time-tested meditation practices, teachers and wisdom traditions; coupled with fresh new insight from current scientific research.

The mindful stillness that we cultivate in meditation has been shown to provide a wealth of physical and emotional benefits; the ability to self-manage stress, positively influence our inner biochemistry, improve our health and sense of wellbeing, provide us with more restful sleep and creativity, increase our ability to cultivate positive emotions, and build a greater sense of connection with self and others.”

Sarah teaches a variety of different meditation practices, traditional and contemporary, recognising that there is not one size fits all, nor one right way to meditate. Her teaching style is relaxed, practical and engaging to ensure that meditation is available to everyone.

Sam Sales

Sam has had movement as part of her life since the age of 3 when she commenced dance. That later turned into a professional career overseas for 8 years. When injuries kept occurring Pilates was what kept her going. Whilst living in Guatemala Sam discovered Yoga- and although it started as purely physical she soon realised there was so much more to it. Yoga continues to teach Sam on and off the mat and she loves to share her passion for yoga as a lifestyle with her clients. Pilates keeps her body in a strong and stable condition so that she can do everything she loves. With over 8 years experience teaching Pilates you know that not only will you leave her class feeling aligned, lengthened and strong but also with a huge smile. Drawing influences direct from India a fusion of philosophy, freeing movements and subtle drops of spirituality a Yoga class with Sam will bring you into your body- feeling sensations, connecting to your breath and the true Self.

Prue Proctor

Prue is a Reiki & Yoga Teacher, Complementary Therapist & Transformational Guide with a passion for supporting men and woman to create sustainable change through self care practices. Prue believes that the key to healing is to slow down, reconnect and find a deep sense of belonging which contributes to her style of teaching. With over 6 years of practice Prue brings with her; wisdom, body awareness, emotional intelligence and a good sense of humour.