sleep habits stop you from getting fit

Could your sleeping habits be stopping you from getting fit?

Can sleep habits stop you from getting fit?

We all know that we could do with a few extra hours of sleep but what if our lack of quality sleep was actually holding us back from reaching our fitness goals? Is that enough motivation to hit snooze and help yourself achieve that Summer body faster?

We delve into the topic to share some insights on the sleeping habits that could be stopping you from being healthier, happier and more productive during the day.


Getting quality shut-eye after an intense workout is the best way to help your muscles repair. If you’re skipping out on enough hours each night and then doing a high intensity workout the next day, you won’t be allowing enough time for your muscles to fully recover. Try scheduling your workouts in the morning or lunch break, so that you can allow enough time for yourself to relax after work.

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Put your hand up if you’ve had a big night out and then reached for a bowl of ice-cream or even had a cheeky pitstop at McDonalds? Yep, we’ve all been there. Sleep deprivation can dramatically affect your blood sugar levels and blood glucose control. Plus, when we feel more tired during the day, we’re more likely to reach for comfort foods.

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We all know that TV before bed can over stimulate our mind and cause a restless sleep. However, the same goes for phones, laptops, game consoles and tablets. If you struggle to not scroll through Instagram before bed, try leaving your phone out of the bedroom for a week and see if you feel a difference in your quality of sleep.

sleep habits stop you from getting fit


Binge watching your favourite Netflix series can be tempting but if it’s causing you to stay up to odd hours of the morning on too many occasions, then you may need to have a think about creating a better routine for yourself. Going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday is one of the most beneficial things you can do to get a good night sleep. Not only will you be more focused and motivated in your Pilates workout but you will perform better at work too. Making that pay rise not a distant goal anymore.


Do your sleep habits stop you from getting fit?

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