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Shelly Beach

Free Pilates Event


To Kick Off our Summer Sessions we will be holding a FREE Event on Wednesday morning just after Sunrise.


When – 9th August 2017

Where Upstairs at the Boathouse on Shelly Beach, Manly

Time – 7.15am – 8am


What to Expect – Dynamic Pilates with Uplifting Beats followed by Mindfulness Meditation


Hosted by Mandy Millan – Owner of Flo Wellbeing


What to Bring – A Mat, Water bottle and possibly a towel if you fancy braving an Ocean swim straight after. Or just chill with brekkie downstairs.


We will be taking some photo’s and may have some press involved too


Only 20 Spaces available.

To reserve your space fill in the form below.



    AIM: to identify individuals with a known disease, or signs or symptoms of disease, who may be at a higher risk of an adverse event during physical activity/exercise. This is self-administered and self-evaluated.


    1. Has your doctor ever told you that you have a heart condition or have you ever suffered a stroke?  
    2. Do you ever experience unexplained pains in your chest at rest or during physical activity/exercise?
    3. Do you ever feel faint or have spells of dizziness during physical activity/exercise that causes you to lose balance?
    4. Have you had an asthma attack requiring immediate medical attention at any time over the last 12 months?
    5. If you have diabetes (type I or type II) have you had trouble controlling your blood glucose in the last 3 months?
    6. Do you have any diagnosed muscle, bone or joint problems that you have been told could be made worse by participating in physical activity/exercise
    7. Do you have any other medical condition(s) that may make it dangerous for you to participate in physical activity?                                                                    

    IF YOU ANSWERED ‘YES’ to any of the 7 questions, please seek guidance from your GP or health professional prior to undertaking physical activity/exercise

    IF YOU ANSWERED ‘NO’ to all of the 7 questions, and you have no other concerns about your health, you may proceed to undertake light-moderate intensity physical activity/exercise, subject to the below disclaimer

    • I have enrolled in the Flo Sunday Session Club offered by Flo Wellbeing (FW), and I recognise that the program may involve physical activity including, but not limited to, muscle strength, cardiovascular conditioning and training, and various other fitness activities.
    • I fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my enrolment and subsequent participation in this event, and I hereby release the facilitator and FW and any subcontractor engaged by it or any agent of it, from any liability, risks, complications, loss, damage or injury resulting from the session(s).
    • I agree to report any injuries, illnesses and changes in my health status by way of an updated health liability waiver and notification to the class facilitator. Without current, accurate information about my health, I am at risk of injury.
    • I acknowledge that this screening tool, or the services provided by FW, or any contractor or organisation or person acting on behalf of FW are not a substitute for a qualified medical professional, nor are in any way a form of medical advice, and in no way guarantees against injury or death. 
    • I agree not to hold FW or FW Contractors or any persons or other entity acting on their behalf liable for any loss, damage, injury, cost or expense incurred or arising by reason of any person using or relying on the information, services or products provided pursuant to this agreement and whether caused by reason of any error, negligent act, omission or misrepresentation in the provision of the services.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.