signs you need a break

Seven Signs You Need A Break

Seven Signs You Need A Break

Getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle.

Long demanding office hours, traveling and sitting still cause tightness in the body and loss of strength in our core region. This central powerhouse provides the support you need to do simple tasks as helping you bounce out of bed in the morning. Without that driving force, it can be tough to find the momentum and motivation to get up, out and about, leaving you lethargic and low on energy.

Sweaty palms, racing pulse, and accelerated heartbeat

Being overwhelmed can leave you feeling like you can’t find your breath and focus on anything. The sweat glands in the hands are connected to our sympathetic nervous system which kicks in when we are stressed.  Stress causes anxiety and a racing pulse and accelerated heart beat are symptoms.

It’s important to recognize your body’s stress signals so you can learn to relax through mindfulness.  Being mindful will enable you to bring your awareness back to the body, help you slow down and use breathing techniques to calm yourself.


You react blindly instead of responding wisely

Multi-tasking becomes a traffic jam for thoughts in our minds. We lack clarity to take time and think and might find ourselves losing our temper at friends and family. Snapping and feeling guilty after, it’s a vicious cycle that drains our wellbeing and weakens our immune system which is essential for fighting infection. Stress can cause countless health problems including chronic fatigue, skin conditions, and high blood pressure. The key is to be mindful and learn to observe your thoughts, connect to breathe, take your time and react as you would like to.  Training your brain to relax effectively will allow you to make calm decisions.

You feel weak and your body feels heavy with tension

Stress, worry, and anxiety overload the body and mind. If you don’t exercise regularly then your muscles switch off. If muscles aren’t working properly then they can’t support the weight of your body. Pressure around your head, neck shoulder and back can mount up and the more weight and tension we have the more danger we place on the joints in our body leading to possible injuries and time out from work and exercise.  Practicing strength and flexibility movements through activities like Pilates will give you that bounce back. Make you feel lighter, protected and supported in your body.

Backache is a normal feeling

Our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods of time in a forward flexed position as this causes enormous strain on the body and the spine. Misalignments lead to pain. Strength in our core in our abdominal area and back muscles are key to supporting this regular position and stretching out. 

You find it hard to read a page of text without getting distracted

This relates to what we call the ‘monkey brain’ jumping from one thought to the other. feeling totally overwhelmed which can lead to burn out.  That moment has come when you finally get to finally read your favourite book, magazine and just a few paragraphs in you are off with the fairies or are thinking you should be doing something else. Maybe you have been in work situations where you just can’t focus. Staying relaxed and focused are two words that just don’t sit well with you at the moment.


Switching off at night and getting a good night sleep is difficult

Being stressed and overwhelmed can have a detrimental effect on your health. You know you need to do something about it but you bury head in sand even though you can’t relax and sleep at night – the ultimate ingredient in keeping you alive during the day. A healthy lifestyle requires a balance of good food as fuel for the body, good exercise and good brain training like mindfulness through meditation. There are so many other simple things like breathing fresh air, doing things you love to do and having fun. Some of these areas don’t come easily to everyone and it can be hard to make these positive changes.

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