The Art of Gratitude

How To Practice The Art of Gratitude


Who else wishes they could be as peaceful as the Dalai Lama?

After rushing around to drop the kids to school, get to work on time and meet all your deadlines it can almost seem like an impossible feat to maintain a positive mindset and be grateful for the present moment.

The thing is, people aren’t hard-wired to be grateful, and like any skill worth having, we have to practice it in order to master it and see the benefits. So we thought we would share a few daily practices with you to help promote positive thinking, reduce stress levels and boost your self esteem.

  1. Check in with yourself instead of your social media   

Who else has caught themselves mindlessly scrolling through social media to realise you’ve just wasted 20 mins of your day? We’ve all been there and ended up feeling pretty yuck about ourselves. So next time you go to reach for your phone while sitting on the couch, why not use that time to meditate instead? Maybe even take it to the next level and take a week off social media or unfollow anyone who you find triggers you negatively.

  1. Write when you rise  

Create a morning gratitude practice to start your day on a positive note and begin your morning by writing down a few things you’re grateful for at this point in time. The beauty of keeping a journal is that you can reflect on it when a stressful situation arises to help you adjust your thinking back to gratitude.

  1. Shift the way you speak to yourself

We have 60,000 thoughts per day, and most of them are reviewing our performance or the people around us. We all do it. It’s part of how we’re wired. Whether your thoughts are predominantly positive or negative, a good portion of them are learned behaviors which seem to run on autopilot. Which is why it’s important to take time to slow your thoughts and be mindful of how you speak to yourself. It could even be that you give yourself or someone else a compliment once a day and start rewiring the communication you use towards yourself and others.

As we live in an incredibly fast-paced environment, which can lead to increased levels of stress and distraction in the workplace it’s important to practice mindfulness everyday. Be the wellbeing leader in your workplace and book in a mindfulness meditation class for your team. Everyone will walk away with more clarity and focus to better manage obstacles as they arise and maintain a clear vision on the tasks they need to achieve.

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