Pilates Testimonial

pilates testimonial

Lovely Testimonial received today 🙂

Michael here has a weekly private 1:2:1 session with me. He works at the desk for lengthly periods, running his own business. Placing huge amounts of stress & strain on his back. Pilates has really made a significant difference to his posture & body

His words;
‘Mandy has been providing me with one-on-one Pilates sessions for several months now… I appreciate how every session is personally tailored to my body. Each week I feel like I’m making a positive investment in myself by taking the time to strengthen my body’s foundation – my core.
We have a big picture program, but I also appreciate how Mandy adapts the class based on how I’m feeling on the actual day. She’s not just a very skilled Pilates teacher – she’s also intuitive, and knows how to work with her clients to derive maximum benefit. Her smile and bubbly personality brings a fun element to each workout, making it something that I look forward to every week’
Michael R. Stone. Director

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