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Pilates and meditation retreat comes to Daintree Rainforest

Flo Wellbeing featured in The Cairns Post

Pilates and meditation retreat

WELLNESS expert Mandy Millan believes there’s no place more relaxing than the Daintree Rainforest.

That’s why Ms Millan, owner of Flo Wellbeing, is bringing her Sydney-based pilates retreat to the scenic destination for the first time.

She said retreats were essential for people living hectic lives.

“My two passions are ­pilates and wellbeing.”

“They’re a great combination for strengthening your body and relaxing the mind,” she said.

But she said Far Northerners didn’t have to go to her retreat to experience the benefits of the region.

“I looked at taking this retreat to Bali but it’s nowhere near as stunning as Cape Tribulation,” she said.

“If locals can’t come, they can always practice the same sort of wellbeing in their everyday lives by stretching, taking the time to see what’s going on with their bodies and just sitting and breathing in nature.”

Flo Wellbeing founder Mandy Millan is bringing a pilates retreat to the Daintree.

She said embracing Pilates in everyday life was a great way to break up the monotony of working at a desk.

“When you’re rushing through life, you often don’t take the time to connect with your body,” she said.

“Our bodies can’t sustain just sitting at desks all day, but taking part in Pilates can improve that. The feeling afterwards is like you’ve poured honey into your joints.”

She also recommended daily meditation to give busy minds a break.

“Our brains are always juggling thoughts, so it’s important to take time to breathe slowly and let those thoughts go,” she said.

“Adding music to meditation can help block out those thoughts. I always aim for deep, slow, calm music for meditation.”

The Pilates retreat will host 12 people from August 24 to 28 at the Daintree Eco Lodge.

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