Personalised Pilates training to YOUR unique body.

pilates training

Personalised Pilates training

Each of our bodies are uniquely shaped by everyday activities from how we sleep at night & how we exercised (or didn’t) to that injury we got ages ago and how we train today

Personalised Pilates training to YOUR unique body.
There is nothing like the sharp eye, astute touch, experienced cuing & ever-growing knowledge of a certified, motivating teacher like myself working with the particular ways in which your body is organised.You will learn lots of practical & deep body lessons that will help you understand your physical self and improve how you move through life daily

Get the best attention for your body. Strengthening you in correct alignment, Releasing your tight areas and generally making you body & mind feel totally invigorated smile emoticon

I have limited spaces left now in Manly & North Sydney where I teach regular private 1:2:1 sessions

Contact us with any questions you may have I am happy to help, Get t

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