Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation & Thriving In The Now


Mindfulness meditation has been a tool used for thousands of years and is now becoming even more popular as people discover it’s incredible benefits. So much so that the popular guided meditation app ‘Head Space’ has seen over 8.5 million users in over 150 countries alone.

But why is mindfulness getting all this attention?

Mindfulness is cultivated through meditation, and this contributes to our health, happiness, resilience and emotion. It is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing in a state where we are not overly reactive or overwhelmed by our surroundings and what’s happening around us.

Sounds great right, but how do we manage this?

Imagine a situation in which you are expected to produce something quickly and perfectly, in a matter of time. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get the results you desire. Whether it’s late delivery, a disappointing outcome or lack of creative thinking. Your response to this and its effectiveness is a direct result to the degree in which you are mindfully aware. This is where our ‘fight or flight’ mode is activated. Without mindfulness, there is a reactivity; anger, disappointment or withdrawal. Where as, with mindfulness, we can learn to re-shape and manage these expectations, conflicts and relationships to produce the results we want. All in all, we can teach ourselves to promote a more realistic and objective view of our circumstance.

Practice makes perfect

Though being mindful is basic human concept that all of us posses within, channeling it and being able to open yourself up to its capabilities can be more difficult than you might think. With regular practice and by actively adjusting our mindset, it will help us to use mindfulness when we find ourselves in stressful circumstances.

Try setting time aside each day to practice. Start with 3-10 minutes of mindful meditation, then slowly build from there. Anyone can do it, you just need the willingness and time. Let yourself see the capacity you have to better yourself by getting more in tune with your conscious state.

We love teaching people how to introduce mindfulness meditation into their everyday lives, which is why we would love to offer you a FREE taster session to introduce mindfulness meditation to you and your team. Contact Mandy today to book your free session: mandy@flowellbeing.com

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