Mindfulness Meditation Prices

Our IQ drops by five to 15 points when we are multitasking

Three in four Australians say that workplace stress affects their health.

Performance can decrease by up to 50% when a person focuses on two mental tasks at once

Why mindfulness and awareness?

Research shows that by cultivating mindfulness and awareness we can:

  • Dissolve stress and ease anxiety

  • Enhance attention and ability to focus

  • Develop social and emotional intelligence


Our tailored, individual mindfulness sessions are a great way to raise awareness on particular subject points and create an appetite for the education.


Our 4 week mindfulness program will provide the basic education and tools to develop the essentials in a mindfulness meditation practice.

Participating in an eight-week mindfulness program will start make a change in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress. The course is more thorough and covers more topics.


To make the education practice. Along with tailored refresher sessions to address key issues that arise within group and to really embed into the culture.


Our mindfulness mentors are highly experienced teachers and leadership coaches. With a strong corporate background. They deliver with ultimate support for excellent results.


All mindfulness sessions are ideally 60 – 90 mins long and include a group meditation practice. Capacity is 40 people. All we require is a quiet room with seating and a white board.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • $935per class
    • Single Class
      Pricing includes GST

  • Meditation Class

  • $324.5per class
    • Per Meditation Class
      Pricing includes GST

Mindfulness Course with course structure

  • 4 Week Program

  • $3135program
    • Mindfulness Program with course structure
      Pricing includes GST

  • 8 Week Program

  • $6050per class
    • Mindfulness Program with course structure
      Pricing includes GST

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