Mandy Millan

Corporate Wellbeing Services with Passion and Purpose

Mandy’s mission is to connect people at work with themselves, and each other, for a stress-free and happy life. To improve the overall health and wellbeing of people everywhere and to see businesses thrive from the implementation of her Corporate Wellbeing services.

One word: Passionate.

It’s how Mandy describes herself and how everyone else describes her as well. She is driven by a need to help others live a healthier, happier life. It’s what gets her out of bed in the morning and compels her to give her best, every day.

“I love helping others. It gives me the greatest joy to see people thriving and buzzing from the Corporate Wellbeing services we provide. To help another person feel good in their daily life is a gift. When I can rid someone of their back pain, or support them to connect more with their family and work through meditation – it’s an incredible feeling. I am truly blessed to be changing lives for the better.”

Why FLO?

Mandy founded FLO Wellbeing following a number of years working in the corporate world. Like most around her, she was burned-out and exhausted from the long hours and stress. She had also developed serious back issues and turned to Pilates to help her fix it. Not only did it fix her back, Pilates changed her life! She left the corporate world to follow her true passion – teaching Pilates.

She went on to become a certified Pilates instructor and taught in studios across London and Australia. Mandy has been practicing and teaching Pilates and Meditation for fifteen years now, and is also a member of the Pilates Association of Australia (PAA).

However, after a number of years of teaching, her corporate past beckoned. Over the years, Mandy had seen so many employees feeling stressed-out and completely exhausted. Mandy had seen firsthand the benefits of Pilates and Meditation in her life and she wanted to provide these life-saving tools to others who were in a similar situation. The seeds for FLO Wellbeing were sown, and soon after she launched her Corporate Wellbeing business.

FLO Wellbeing is an Australian Corporate Wellbeing company that brings movement and mindfulness into the workplace through group Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness sessions; as well as education through tailored Workshops and Retreats. It is Mandy’s true calling in life.

Mandy’s inspirations

Mandy loves living life to its fullest. She enjoys Pilates, meditation, swimming in the ocean, the great outdoors, relaxing with close family and friends, music, dancing and learning.

Mandy has travelled the world both on her own adventures and visiting various wellness centres, working alongside experienced health practitioners. It was these experiences that inspired her to develop her own Corporate Wellbeing Retreats and Workshops. She loves creating unique, outdoor events that involve wellness classes, music and nature.

Ultimately, she feels it’s her purpose to bring fun, movement and wellbeing into corporate cultures. Whether it’s in the office, or taking them away on their own adventures, it’s truly what she loves doing.

‘Work is where people spend so much of their lives – it’s important they are living in a body that moves well and have a mind that is happy’.

If you’d love to work with Mandy, and the FLO team, to bring greater wellbeing into your workplace, contact Mandy today.