6 Simple Ways To Incorporate Wellness Into Your Workplace

6 Simple Ways To Incorporate Wellness Into Your Workplace

6 Simple Ways To Incorporate Wellness Into Your Workplace


Introducing wellness into the workplace is one of the easiest ways to help your team become healthier and happier. With our lives becoming busier by the minute, it’s common for everyone in the workplace to experience stress or anxiety at some point throughout the year. Introducing wellness into your workplace is a simple way to reduce the effects of stress and create a positive environment for everyone to thrive in.

We’ve put together 6 simple ways to incorporate wellness into your workplace, so that it’s one of the easiest things on your to-do list.

1. Take Your Team Meeting Outside

One of the best things you can do for your mind and body is get moving. So get your team together and take your weekly meeting outside. Find a nice park or local beach and have a walking meeting instead, where everyone can breathe in some fresh air and feel inspired by their surroundings.

2. Train Together

Australians take on average 9.5 days off work each year due common issues like neck, back and muscle pain, which can easily be avoided from regular movement and training. So why not partake in an adventure together on a corporate wellness retreat? You will be able to create some amazing memories together and get out of the workplace to let your creative ideas flow. There is nothing like escaping into nature to relax and focus on improving your mind and body.

3. Make Eating Healthy Easy

Take a trip to the local market on a Monday and grab a basket of fresh fruit for the team to enjoy. This way it’s easier to reach for a healthy apple instead of a cheeky chocolate bar when the afternoon cravings hit.

4. Celebrate Your Wins

Boost the positivity in your workplace and create a board for your team to write any of their achievements on throughout the week. This will introduce a sense encouragement and achievement into the workplace to make people feel recognised for their hard work.

5. Make An Effort To Check-In

Put aside some time each week to check-in with your teammates and see how they’re going. Ensure their needs are being met and there isn’t something that’s weighing them down. Building a sense of community within the workplace is essential for creating a happy team who feels looked after.

6. Challenge Your Team

Get your team excited and organise a challenge for them to work together on. It could be achieving a number of steps each day, raising money for charity or achieving a goal together for the business. Getting along with your co-workers is good for business and it’s good news for your mental health too.

For more helpful tips on introducing wellness into the workplace visit Flo Wellbeing who offer a range of dynamic pilates and mindfulness meditation classes, workshops and retreats – sign up to our newsletter.

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