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How Exercising Regularly Can Dramatically Reduce Stress

Stress unfortunately whether we like it or not is often a part of our daily lives and in most cases, it’s something we can’t help or simply avoid; be it caused by a lack of sleep, financial burdens, work overload or heated arguments with your partner.

Stress can take a huge toll on your overall wellbeing and make what starts off as a small problem, a much larger issue in the long run, especially when you add it onto all the other things lingering in your mind.


So what is the best way to combat on going stress in your life that will have the most positive impact?


There’s no perfect cure to de-stress, but in my opinion and backed up by endless research studies exercise has to be one of the best ways to go. Now before you stress out just hearing that I’m not saying you have to hit up the closest spin class or start pumping weights in the gym for hours on end.


Exercise is an ideal coping mechanism to help you manage stress, but why?

Well the basic principle is that exercise is uplifting and releases endorphins into the body, which eliminates anxiety, leaves you in a better mood, helps you to get a better nights sleep and makes you more energetic; so it’s a great way to take out some of that frustration you’ve be lugging around with you.


What type of exercise works best?

The best thing to do is find something that works well for you and fits into your schedule, it could be as easy as taking a short stroll after lunch or in the evenings with your partner, relaxing in a yoga class or going to a fun zumba class with your friend.


Some ideas include:

  • Taking short walks daily during your lunch break or in the evening after dinner
  • Joining a gym with your partner, that way you’ll both be motivated to go
  • Yoga in the park or on the beach
  • Pilates and meditation exercises
  • Energetic classes with a friend find something fun to mix it up like dance, kickboxing or combat
  • Join a team or meet up regularly with a group to play sports like tennis, basketball or football
  • Get the whole family involved and go on bike rides, hiking or camping on the weekend


The important thing to remember is no two people are alike, so choose an activity you genuinely enjoy and leaves you feeling great, whether it’s alone or with friends and family do what works best for you.


At the end of the day we’re all human and the build up of stress can impact us in a truly negative way, so we need to find ways to unwind and release stress in a constructive way that will have a lasting impact on your mind and body.

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