Don’t loose your natural curve!

natural curve

Don’t loose your natural curve!

With modern living & lot’s of sitting we can lose the three natural curves of the spine, leading to poor posture!

Coming from a corporate background I used to suffer from the common lower back ache/niggle that always seems to hang around. Looking back, to think that this is acceptable I was really kidding myself & didn’t value my health & spine that much back then

My values have now shifted. I love to encourage & educate my clients into looking after themselves in their own time but also by attending a class regularly to gain awareness of their alignment & be motivated correctly. To prevent further health issues & to feel good!

Through regular sitting…our head may be sitting forward on the neck from too many hours. Our shoulders and upper back may be hunched forward from slumping in our chairs, or spending all day doing things bending forward. After all, we really don’t do anything in daily life with our arms behind us. If the upper body slump becomes extreme it’s called kyphosis

The body will strive for balance. If there’s too much going on at one end, it’s going to make some changes at the other end to compensate. Over time it will tell the brain that these changes were done to be in a normal, balanced position. At some point, the brain will accept the changes as the way it’s supposed to be, and voila!!!! You now have a body that won’t fight for a better position, because it thinks it’s placed where it should be.

Spine extension (as in my demo image) is very important for posture and health. Since there is very little in life that we do bending backwards, taking time with exercise to move this direction can help keep our backs in balance and compensate for all of the extreme sitting. Ideally, every segment of the spine should move freely and easily in all directions. The real goal with good spine extension is to get the entire spine actively participating, which means the middle back has to learn how to extend – movement away from its natural curve. Practicing extension exercises also provides an opportunity to stretch and lengthen through the front of the body. The feeling of opening your spine this way is so beautiful! You feel such freedom in your body & mind.

Particular pilates movements will help you open up the spine in extension but also build your core strength to support your spine while you are sitting. To grip the spine and support your posture like a strong girdle

Now, if you find it difficult to come up in extension. Take your time, practice, work with a good teacher…like moi!!!! Try starting with laying down on your front palms down & in on a diagonal, legs hip width and flat on floor. Start by rolling & imaginary marble away with nose, dropping your shoulder blades and then rolling & imaginary beach ball away from chest. Returning spine first & head last

Take your time & enjoy!

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