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With over ten years of experience in Corporate Wellbeing, we deliver Corporate Yoga classes that will genuinely make a difference not only to the wellbeing of your employees, but to your whole organisation.

“I’m always looking forward to… yoga/pilates bring on huge health benefits. It feels Amazing!”
Aleksandra Utichi – Equi Group, North Sydney

What is corporate yoga?

Many employees suffer from ongoing tension, pain and stress which not only affects their productivity at work, but also their family life at home.

Our Corporate Yoga classes are held in a private room in your offices, and are designed to help employees release all this built-up stress and tension, and create more movement in their bodies. We also help employees to clear their minds of mental clutter, breathe again and return to work with greater focus.

Each class is a carefully designed combination of stretching and strengthening postures to address the specific needs of your employees. Every class ends with a meditation to ensure your employees are relaxed and focussed for the rest of the day.

The aim of our classes is that the benefits can be felt and noticed both at work and in the daily lives of your employees.

With over ten years of experience in Corporate Wellbeing, we deliver Corporate Yoga classes that will genuinely make a difference not only to the wellbeing of your employees, but to your whole organisation.

We aim to make our Yoga classes fun, relaxing and educational – we want your employees to learn valuable tips that help them better manage their health both at work and beyond in their daily lives.

Although we love teaching Yoga, we are passionate about creating real change in the health and wellness of your people. We want to help you create a culture that is well, productive and a place everybody loves to work.

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Who is Corporate Yoga suitable for?

Our Corporate Yoga classes are suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and previous yoga experience. Our sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of those in the class, so they are suitable for any business wanting to offer Yoga for their employees.

We pride ourselves on creating a memorable experience for every person who attends the classes, ensuring they feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.

Our highly qualified instructors have years of Yoga teaching experience, are fully insured and have completed their First Aid certificate, so you know your staff are in good hands.

What happens in a typical Corporate Yoga class?

Every Yoga class is different, fresh and incorporates music to create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Each class focuses on a series of movements that release and support tight, desk-bound bodies. The classes follow a Hatha Yoga style, with general yoga postures and breathing practices. The class is hands on, so everyone will receive an adjustment, if needed, to help them receive the greatest benefits from the class.

What to expect

  • Most sessions are run during a lunch break, or before or after work
  • Classes can have up to 25 people, to ensure everyone is comfortable and relaxed
  • Each session is typically 45 minutes to one-hour long
  • Individual attention is provided by the instructor to ensure everyone gets the most out of the class
  • Each posture is designed to stretch and strengthen the body, and can be tailored to the individual needs and abilities of the employees

Why choose us?

  • Our Corporate Yoga classes are run by our team of wellness training experts, most with years of corporate and wellness training experience
  • We tailor our sessions to ensure your team has a memorable experience
  • We create classes that bring your people closer together – creating better working relationships
  • We give tips so everyone can effectively manage their bodies and minds during the week
  • Your employees can engage with us on our supportive social channels, helping them to feel part of a greater wellness community
  • Each class finishes with a relaxation meditation to ensure people return to work in a more focussed and productive state
  • Our sessions are fun, creative and educational – everyone leaves with a smile on their face
  • We genuinely care for people – the health and wellness of your employees is our top priority

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga is the ideal way to help your employees relax, release tension and feel more positive and productive at work. Some of the benefits reported by our regular Corporate Yoga clients include:

  • Improved performance and productivity at work
  • Less workplace stress and tension
  • A more relaxed and positive outlook on life
  • Greater enjoyment at work
  • Greater ability to relax at home
  • Closer workplace relationships
  • Less sick-days

And if that’s not enough, a recent study found that a group of government workers who attended 50-minute, weekly yoga sessions for eight weeks, reported significantly less back pain and lower stress while enjoying greater self-assurance, serenity and concentration. (Journal of Occupational Medicine)

Your employees are your most valuable asset so it’s essential to contribute to their physical and mental health. Investing in a wellbeing program is the best decision you’ll make and our Corporate Yoga classes are a perfect place to start.

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