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Workout To Avoid Burn-out


Long, demanding office hours needn’t mean tight, sore bodies and stressed minds.


Mandy learned how to work in sustainable, satisfying way and she can help you and your people do the same. Our combination of Pilates and mindfulness meditation works at work.

“Healthy employees are almost 3 times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues”

Flo Wellbeing Classes Work At Work


The natural way to combat these pressures is with tailored Flo Classes that take participants through wonderful releasing and strengthening movements and mindfulness practices. Not only will staff members feel amazing afterward, they’ll start to break bad body and mind habits daily!


Our Practitioners are carefully chosen and the very best in their field. All fully certified and insured for corporate wellbeing classes. We’re experienced, friendly and focused on making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed as you learn to go with the FLO.


People we work with


beneftis for the body
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Strengthen Core & lower back muscles
  • Long, lean muscle tone
  • Released and strengthened joints
  • Create strength where needed most
benefits for mental health
  • Improved mental & physical health
  • Fostering a community feeling within
  • Reduced stress-related issues
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Higher morale in the workplace
benefits for the company
  • Improved performance & productivity
  • Lowered absenteeism rates
  • Reduced staff turnover and therefore reduced recruitment and training costs
  • Becoming an employer of choice that helps attract and retain the best staff

Corporate Wellbeing Sessions are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour long. And during a lunch hour or pre/after work.  We recommend class sizes of up to 15/20 staff to ensure each participant receives the required individual attention from the instructor and the best possible experience. All we need is a room/ floor space.

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