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1 in 3 women suffer from some form of incontinence post-childbirth

Approximately 20% of high impact athletes suffer incontinence even before!

That’s a pretty serious statistic…

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennie Davies owner of The Whistler St Physio in Manly. Jennie specialises in Sports injuries and also women’s issues such as incontinence. In my following blog I refer to snippets from Jennie’s recent article on this topic

Engaging the pelvic floor properly in class will not only help you sculpt a beautiful stomach but it will also prevent incontinence but also provide you with an internal girdle of strength to support all of your limbs. Taking pressure off weak joints and supporting your spine and posture.

Since becoming a regular Flo pilate’er, my husband who is also a keen weight lifter. Feels that since engaging properly with his pelvic floor/core muscles he is lifting so much easier with less strain on other areas in his body! It is the same for so many other sports.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that span the gap between our sitting bones, coccyx and pubis bones. The muscles wrap around the anus and urethra (exit tube for the bladder) to form sphincters, they support the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus and bowel), they enhance sexual pleasure by their proximity to the vagina and are an integral part of core stability.

Core stability is the coordinated action of the diaphragm, pelvic floor, deep abdominal and spinal muscles. High internal abdominal pressures can be generated during exercise, especially during pilates, yoga, abdominal exercises and high impact sport.
If the pelvic floor is not able to resist these pressures, the pelvic organs are pushed downwards and their supporting ligaments are stretched. Over time this can cause or worsen prolapse or incontinence symptoms

During class I like to refer to pelvic floor as ‘Zip & Hollow’ so zipping up internally which in turn gives the hollow over the stomach

Our practice in class is key. With targeted movements being controlled from this internal gripping/zip & hollow/ pelvic floor work.

During my classes this recruitment of muscles will click usually after 2/3 sessions. To practice at home. Lying flat on your back, knees bent…place a cushion between the knees. Take a deep breath in & on the deep out breath squeeze the cushions and feel that internal gripping zip & hollow pulling up!

Your girdle of strength will be built from the inside out – Now that’s core strength!

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