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True wellbeing unifies mind and body. You can’t have one without the other, right?


Core strength is fundamental to fitness and wellbeing and our core strength is Pilates paired with mindfulness meditation to train your body and brain.


Working with you, for you.


The best way to wellbeing is the one that works for you. At Flo Wellbeing, we’ll help you find your flow – the way that works for you, in a group or individually. We offer:


  • Pilates
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Tailored fitness classes


Flo Wellbeing focuses on Fun & Educational Wellness programs in and out of the workplace.


Creating a positive, energised workforce leads to greater engagement, performance and retention while reducing absence. It leads to a happy team and a happy company.


‘What just happened…I feel amazing’ is what we often get after our classes and workshops


We mean business


With our growing Corporate Business our main objectives are to;


  • Listen & understand the Culture of a company and what the key values are
  • Brief our teachers with full detail so everyone is on the same page
  • Create a Fun and Educational Experience for the Staff members attending
  • Have a Strong, Personal Customer Service


Our bodies are not designed to sit at desks for long hours. Our minds struggle with the stress of workloads and stimulation from office environments and computers


By understanding the culture of your company, we match programs and teachers to you. Flo Wellbeing teachers are carefully chosen by Mandy and are among the best in their field. They are switched-on people who stay focused on your main objectives.




Mandy Millan founded Flo Wellbeing after working in the corporate world for many years after university.


After developing serious back pain from long office hours, she turned to Pilates, fixed the injury and discovered her true passion.


After becoming a Certified Pilates teacher, Mandy Taught in various studios in London and Sydney. As her private practice grew, Mandy reconnected with the corporate world, teaching office Pilates Classes.


Pilates, mindfulness and music


Here, her real passion grew. Understanding that high-quality movement is so important to desk-bound bodies. Plus, mindfulness meditation to relax the mind. Mandy also has a love for music and adventure. She’s travelled the world visiting various wellness centres and working alongside various health practitioners.


This experience has shaped her numerous, unique, outdoor events involving wellbeing classes, music and nature at retreats and workshops.


Her mission is to bring fun, movement & wellbeing into office cultures. Whether it’s in the office or taking them out and away on their own adventure.


‘Work is where people spend so much of their lives – it’s important they are living in a body and mind that moves well and is happy’


Mandy one-on-one


For more info on Mandy’s Private Sessions (click here) and Pilates Exercise (click here)

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