Pilates Plus

Total Wellbeing


True wellbeing unifies mind and body. You can’t have one without the other, right?


Core strength is fundamental to fitness and wellbeing and our core strength is Pilates paired with mindfulness meditation to train your body and brain.


Working with you, for you.


The best way to wellbeing is the one that works for you. At Flo Wellbeing, we’ll help you find your flow – the way that works for you, in a group or individually. We offer:


  • Pilates
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Tailored fitness classes


Flo Wellbeing focuses on Fun & Educational Wellness programs in and out of the workplace.


Creating a positive, energised workforce leads to greater engagement, performance, and retention while reducing absence. It leads to a happy team and a happy company.


‘What just happened…I feel amazing’ is what we often get after our classes and workshops.

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